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I still play battle field 2 and battle field 2 spec. Ops

Rosemarie Cooksey

Jane thats me and Paul sounds like my husband

Luis Raul

how the fuck ya b doing this shit is awesome

give me ur beans

I wonder what those bullies think now, after they realized that bullied Elon musk when they were young.. lmao if I was them that would surely leave a mark..

Izzy Phillips

#yiayjob coming up with your new questions

wouter van leersum

1:33 😂😂

Liam Liam

Rip coby

Anjelika June

6:02 oh look Nick Young's mom!


Got an ad for spyro remastered and I liked area 51

SaWxRaP z

lol i can write to say playing : Grand Theft Auto 6

Khalil's Art

2017 anyone?

t raw

Subscribed because he warned me about the jump scare


This video helps

Soukna Daoun

Earlyyyy 🥳🥳

ACE Leader


Jin Yang

That dude is from Jurassic Park


Okay wait hold up, 3 minutes into the video, I can see your mom is wayyyy out’a line...but I’m glad u had a good support system


Yea Raiden is from Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty it was amazing episode they changed his code name to it because someone else had the name Solid Snake

Will Fisch

I like white water rafting

Lethal Caden

Mario Theme

Gray Bug


Logan Livingston

wait thats illegal

Serbia Rock124


Leonard Abraham

thats a glass of squirt :)


@jlklai98 ikr y dont they put it free they already make money alot!

Kamren Grice

Leave like for panda and Tyler

Adii Playz

i thought this alice bitch was a huge homophobe by the title

Star Wars Justice League

Watched 9 mins after release

earnie pitts


Joseph Bing

I did not expect The Office to be here 😂

Galaxy Potato ツ

My dad had to go to a riot that almost turned to war a few months ago omfg halp

DoseOf Dopeness

@DullerDadymac and it turns on life support with the power