vines that are cleaner than your grandma's kitchen

everybody's doing them now and i have a lot of favourites even though i was never in the vine 'era' so like here you go. also i don't really laugh at vines they're just fun to watch i guess? idk.if you enjoyed this video please like, comment, and even subscribe if you haven't. honestly i appreciate every bit of support and it makes me feel great to even see one one person who enjoyed my video. btw: i read every comment, so please tell me your opinions below or even something random?? i might not respond but it's fun to see them all.this tells me that you have read this entire description (or not, then please do)! you get nothing but my appreciation from you, so thanks!

Cash Walrus

Suicide squad was great. I loved Jared Leto and the others. I don't get the hate on it.

Selvaraj Alse

i like coby. dont worry cobycotton

Elliot Walker Hayes

Liking the Khaled reference 😉

Finn Harvey

Love the story but shit I hate this lady’s voice

Steel Villager

The birthday ones are hilarious


Cory in the house is like the best anime in the world 😩💦

Le mythe de la graisse qui bouche les artères est stupide.



Jakovjd Delač

Bro you are my fav youtuber you akways warn when a jumpscare is coming.respect

gun shots


You missed the best Easter egg in the game. There’s a cool tribute to the twin towers in the reflection of the window on a skyscraper north or where the twin towers would be

Jack Bike

No one knows who that guy is

Coco Cat28

I would have ignored alice forever....

Anuraag Banala

do something in cricket


holy shit the statue of happiness one O_o

Read more


damn that music! 8:50

comment = youtube rewind 2018

Ezequiel Ignacio

The Best!😎

Robin Sawh

And Tyler says that the microphones are fake

kimkoo tube


Minecraft Drew

Do fortnite stereotypes

Kristen Szilli

They look like stick people

Ptr. Jonathan Maray


Blue Hockey

Where is garret?