Les Twins vs Rush Ball G-SHOCK REAL TOUGHNESS Japan 2012 | YAK FILMS

Twins Japan Official: FILMS 2012-2013

David Hardy

Is this dlc?

Anthony Ruvalcaba

Bout to make my myteam the Tijuana Piranhas and get those players 😂

Patriots Lover


Dull ;I

He probably just liked her lolllll

ESS Luis

Am eating lucky charms lol


If you watch the t.v their is a Rehab island advert


hmmm...."DIET" is not in my dictionary tho...:")

Why am I here again?

What I would do: Cut all of her hair and say...: Who's the ugly one now, huh?!


There are not enough awesome words to describe how awesome these fellows and their videos are.

Misfit kids who fuck up shit, get fucked up quick

Tudor edy

I love it

TheEmeraldMinecart // YajTEM

it's not even hidden

Casey m


Sees mom smoking

Chloe Sima senior class of 2019

usain bolt

Leah wasilewska

A similar thing happened to me with a friend, she would tell me I wasn’t being as good a friend as she was being to me just because I forgot some things she told me. She would ask me every day what kind of friends she thought that we were and text me about all of her problems. She would then say that I wasn’t there for her when she needed me although I did everything I could to help her. One day I had enough and told her to leave me alone, but she thought I was being rude to her and told everyone In the year. Later that day I received a message from a girl in my year telling me this and she said that everyone thinks I’m horrible. This is a new school and I don’t know what to do!

Emelin Rodriguez

This is so sad.It made me cry because I thought “What if this was my mom” I would be crying with my sister and dad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


The only anime I have to watch dubbed is Fairytail bc I started watching it dubbed but other than that I have no problem with sub also I'm still so upset that everyone picked bell boiz over bell bangers smh



Even though this is my favorite video it only has 17 million views

Bobby Twotrees

Coop772 would say they were using their 'chicken wings'



I had my first kiss/boyfriend when I was 5! Wachu doin?!

Zealous Joey

Changing your Mindset can make you happy..

Cyd Payne

The racer is me



Ok guys, just because you have all 9 symptoms doesn’t mean you have depression. You can not self diagnose. Don’t go ahead and say “oh I’m depressed because I saw this video.” Go see a psychiatrist and then see.

Eminent Nebula71

what is the name of that first Star Wars remix song you played in the video?

- Maddie -


Levi Ackerman

I shaved my hair because I got bored, it was hot outside & wanted something new on myself to make me feel better &.

DapperFirebreath 890



How dare u I’m from RI

Abdullah Muhaimeen

panda brave

My brain: ouch that's gotta hurt

OneShot OneHit TV

What song

Ex: *sees author**

Phulpui-I Aibawk

Next vedio pool and currom tricks please

DIY Lilo xoxo

If I tell my mom about how I feel then I’m scared she will say that I’m making it up and I just want attention. My mum my sister and my two brothers have mental health and she said to not make something up, I acted like a would never do that ( which I wouldn’t) and like there was nothing wrong with me. Please help me, I don’t know what to do and who to talk to.

Kelvin Koontz

1:51-1:52 true ❤️

Andrew Baggott

This is how many people have a crush on u👇🏽

mini kurian

Why did ty do every shot

Hendog YT

Wellllllll 2019 I guess

dragon girl /karaoke singer

Same story here but my dad married a Thai lady instead she cared of me so much and bought me stuff like shoes and other things she knew I would like . Really changed my life


Tom is so cute. ❤️

Allie Lin

"Girls can't fight boys" Never shows up then he shows up unannounced like he owns the place and is surprised when he misses out on very important things

Bulfanias Gaterineanus

Rock Ribbon.

Hayden Morse

Here is Love by City of Lions



anyone know the watch kuz is wearing

Baron Thundercunt

Honestly you could just do a whole video with Snape. Alan Rickman has a naturally soothing delivery. Before this video I sought out and watched specific scenes with Snape because he has such a relaxing way of talking.

Zambie's Music

i want to spend a whole day with you guys!!!

Its that dang phone

Kunal Mohapatra

1:13-1:40 Oops I dropped it. Guess I better climb all the way up, then go all the way down again.

Carlos Labadie

Holy shit brotha, that song is lit 🔥

JJ 3Star

Lmao at the end dupurfect:S


Some Physics was involved there. Had to be!