Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2018

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xXEP1CSN1P3RXx eww cringe

tf is wrong with his thumb at 5:54

Susan Tube

Gotta say, that face reveal...

Debela Ovca

Your dying and you care about care????

123 Anime time

He was pure evil he deserve to die sad


Daim i jused to play Jack and dexter when i was a kid


I like how educational this channel is :3

I get panic attacks too :Link "Down" Ghh "I didn't even realise how big he is" "He's so fast and strong, and the worst part is.. He's holding back"

Havida Nawaz

Is your other sister living with you too

The Wandering Dovahkiin

how is a guy getting kicked in the balls by a horse make him a bad extra?

Rob Card

Does zelda short man hair mean she will stop whining and be a good contribution to the story? The voice was ok, but the tone in the english was weak and boring, i dont know if she can do better next time ;(

Zach Freund

Who's johnny manziel?


The futurama skins at for L4D2

Har-Hari Gaming

Hahaha.. Cause John Wick is the guy who killed 3 freakin people with a fuckin pencil. 🤣✏️


Thank you :)

Lone Wanderer

you did miss spider man's armour of ps4

I am co #lovebts

Caleb Auger


I want my like :p

K-Rayy G

We miss and love you Nip. You did your thing on this J, we appreciate and with you 🏁♾🕊🤞🏾

David Buck

Just gotta love that minute videos still hasn't taken this garbage down. If you subscribe to this shit bag channel then you must be some special kinda brain dead

WillPossible GGG

Right when you mentioned the wet socks per peeve started playing in my head

Fan Made

Its almost christmas whos on december 2018...??

Jocelyn Beck

Shuper moria

love Hernandez

So are they saying smoking is healthy or what cause everybody is smoking in this video 😮😯🥴😂😏and I oop umm well update I finished watching the video and I guess it’s not good 🤔😦


lolz tht fucking knuckles killed me

Jesse Teague

Jesus loves you

Dewi Meutiah

Happy universary BTS

SanBLiving the dirty dino

Haha wait a minute where dafuq u guys get a plane from haha

Crazy Kids

Go coby

Muhammad Azan

How much it costs to fix rage monster damage

Dude Perfect

We've been filming basketball vids like crazy recently! Can't wait to launch 'em for ya very soon! Go Big and God Bless - the Dude Perfect crew

Llama Corn

I have asberger syndrom

Staci Arakawa


marc leandado

funwithguru i like your video on YouTube and your video is all easter egg and I'm happy to watch the video and thank you all of your videos

Andy’s Vlogs

I have more than 1000 NERF blaster

Appling It

Where was garret

Gabrielle Braswell

My mom lost two babies before me