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Pico Mode

Do one with dak presscot

Reckless Turtle

0:13 Disney Channel!

little monsters

the whole video :


Congrats Garrett

I'm still enjoying the videos, doesn't matter the length! And I will enjoy watching them as long as you enjoy making them, don't push yourself too hard for us :B

Dennis Faion

In For Honor there is an execution for the Shugoki called 'The Mountain' and basically you smash opponent's head, like the mountain does to Oberyn


Jacqui Wilkinson

So... FF7 gets a complete cgi remake, but FF8 only gets a barely noticeable HD remaster? How is that fair? I want to see a gorgeous makeover for this game too!!

Jonjo Espino

Mrbeast: First to lose, wins


a FunWithGuru video? what is this christmas?...


When glider redeploy was deleted and you didn't know.

PD: love the far cry easter egg

j rom

I hate how stupid americans' calls fotball soccer instead of its REAL name football. By the way I fucking hate "football".


You're lucky the judge banned me from sending any more penis pics or I would totally own you in this debate right now.

Stephanie Goglia

i think it would below to high

Random_Comment_ Guy

These FrozenII trailers are more secretive than the Endgame ones. Thus, having everyone confused by the end. It's a good thing. Building the hypeby teasing all the time until release date.

Barttish Ikhwan

Sweets Tyler



FINALLY! I've been trying to get this video up for 3 weeks now and it's finally here. This is the first of two videos in the run up to Halloween, the next video will be up on the 31st. It's my first Top 10 video in a while so thanks guys for waiting patiently for it. I hope you like it and thanks for watching!

Wyatt Weiss

I thought the 10 million point shot would be from the plane ):

Zoi Gavala


Olivia Hamilton

Y'all are my favorite you tubers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Ryan P

I hate you for this


Couple goals.

Lorenzo Vasquez

I wanted to see a baby Brandon 😂


I recognize it's Zelda game at the beginning, the tone remind me of Twilight Princess, so hyped, thx Nintendo

Monkey Butt

Like if it’s 2019

Llamas Rule

Omg your being bullied for hating someone because they like the same gender! Gasp! Also your friend prolly was going to come out to you

Mandy Whitford

I want a neutral colored palette, I know that isn't really your thing but I'd be happy :)

Fourty Orphans

DBZ Kai is looking good

Nick DeBruijn

Who is watching this in 2017

jack hunter

the slam dunk