Tombstone damage in cemeteries caused by lawn care equipment. Cemetery Business.

love being able to work in old cemeteries.If you like cemeteries, old tombstones, and interesting gravesites, we can help you start your own Grave Care Business.Visit our website.Hi Everyone:This is Keith with you are interested in cemeteries, tombstones, and gravesites, we can help you get started with your own gravesite business.Visit our website for more information.GraveSiteBusiness.comToday I want to give you some insight into the importance of correct equipment handling when you are performing gravesite plot maintenance and cemetery grounds maintenance.I was in a local cemetery this morning doing some photography and documentation work when I came across a few great examples of damage that can be done to tablet style tombstones from improper use of lawn mowers and weedeaters.Most modern cemeteries have grave markers that are sunk into the ground.In most cases you can run a mower directly over top of these markers care not to scuff your equipment tires or do damage with ground engaging components.However, if you enjoy working in older cemeteries, as I do, tablet style grave markers are much more commonplace.These tombstones can be damaged by contact with lawn care equipment as well as by rocks or heavy debris being kicked up by the lawn mower's blades.Weedeater line can also damage grave markers.Take care in your grave care work to protect tombstones from damage.

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Haleck De Leon

I'm on mobile so I can't go on the link to see the other references in the cabin in the woods, can you maybe link for me please thanks man so much! Btw great video as always bro!

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