Wedding Entrance Dance

Mr.Sione & Mrs. 'Olivia Fangupo Wedding Reception...



Jeffrey John Naling

Before Remake Me: I bet he’s on steriods

Chris: Aight, let's hit this weed Snoop gave me first, then let's get it.

• beannn

bruh I can’t live without my phone

Ant Man

Hey as long as we get split screen co op back

Pablo Martínez Puche

subios las bragas

Samuel G.

Oh you silly Guru, I, too, want to die sometimes. It's very normal. Anyway, have a nice end of year or whatever it's called.

Graeme Martin



I’m the always wears pants guy.

random potato

I stood up to a bully i punched him then stalked him saved all his embarrassing pics made it a video then sent it to him in the middle of the night and all his friends then he got scared of me


3:36 3:36 3:36 3:36 3:36

Ultra Instinct Shaggy

Guess this was in 2016

vikas yadav

Pubg players like the video

KriSpY D

July 2 is my birthday

cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

I'm the smugglerLike if you are too

Elon Musk

Hey please put a story about JEFF BEZOZ

King Ry77

Who's that other I don't like him

Texas Panhandle XIT Ranch

Sounds like this vegfag channel wants to turn us into one of them.

Christy Maria

What....How much did they moneyspend for the rage monster it funny but HOW

The Self Adjectated Gender

With a channel that has this much potential:

Kamila Torres

Papa-Johny Johny!?


Did you have to deal with "The Line?"

Мысли о том, что я сбился с пути, становились слишком громкими,

Ricardo Pascual

dat guy they ignore to the hi 5

ew people

I was hoping at the beginning she would run into Moana



Diamond Zapata

I'm that one friend who is so extra,and uncontrollable emotions and often being teased in p.e (not that it matters) I think I might have hysteria cuz I'm always seeking attention and always get it afterwards but then again I'm not sure

Is it spelled correct?

Kaips Games


Jordan Burke

R.I.P diamond 💎💎 we will miss you


Who is ready for ping pong trick shots 20, ha not me, they have already done to many

itsyeboi new

u shalldotrickshot in an hospitall

Tania Torres

Best vid in wold

ThatHyper136 6

For shark lovers, *No Sharks Were Harmed During The Making Of This Video

Avenger FamilyTv

I'm Sammy sprinklers [spits all over him

lauren McKenzie

So what did her ex boyfriend do

▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN


How do you always find such amazing music?

Sienna Esmailka

Word search

Matthew Lamo Chavez

Dude perfect is f_ing awesome keep it up dudes!

Semaj Cheneau

Anyone else love how the sea horse just stared at her like "For real? Did you legit just try to fight me? Girl please."