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Sandwich boy

It's called school

AndySadmusic Mong channel

Is that pubg

Brusko brothers pogi

Cmon Tyler win it

Alison Waldridge


Alan Wirchak

Can we give credit to my buddies band playing for their video? This is so cool! Check out City of Lions.

Libby Ki Ray

Are you Korean? I am and I was born with a natural beauty face apparently. I just didn’t have the body... I became anorexic but I was glad I stopped otherwise I would’ve lost too much. I’m now a normal South Korean girl with the right face and body I need.

Allyson Ford

so stupid


But we the people " Subscribers/Viewers" give them money too . Each time a person suscribes the youtber gets 15 cents each and money for the views and clicks your videos the youtuber gets . So yeah :/

Brett Hunter

Riley (he's almost 6 and loves Dude Perfect) wants you to put a pool in your new Office.He asked me to post this because you guys say sometimes in the video that "if you want to see changes or have any ideas please comment down below". He just wants you guys to have a pool.


guru you're the goat

Janelle Arthur



I knew it.

Love Kpop

Mingi’s deep voice just killed me 😭😭💜💜

Lucas Hatcher

awesome guys

Kathleen Hwin

kyle lowry gesturing the crowd to not cheer was the sweetest thing, the Raptors are amazing

adam puzio

3:20 its no easter egg you no completed only this mission for this russians xD

Ebola Sushi

We need sips for number 1 lol

Mikaira Payne

I hate the amount of patterns like I have nothing against them or the artist buttttt....yea I just don’t like it there’s just too much


lochness is one word

Clayton Halberstadt

ware is garit

Nightcore Galaxy

That man, is in control of his own life and if he chooses to take it. We have little control over that but for him to take his girlfriend who was happy and had duties as a parent aswell as himself, he deserves non of my respect

Shilpa Kashyap

I wish they used trident gum


At the very very start the song sounds like 'u make me cum to much'

247 dragonslaer

Tyler and cody dadys

Potato2840 Ali