What happens when you sign a Music Contract? Ep. 1 | Rules to this Sh!t - YouTube

The biggest players in music sit down and tell us what happens when you sign a Music contract. Too $hort, LV, D Dot and more tell us about their start in the music industry. It's a vicious business of contracts, lawyers, and big money. It's hard to believe how much power a piece of paper has.*UNCENSORED*Rules To This Sh!T series is a riveting yet cautionary tale from artists, producers, and executives on what is the real deal behind the glamour of the music business. From the fascination of fame to the reality of business transactions, no stone left unturned in this exciting deep dive into music industry.In loving memory ofReggie "Combat Jack" Ossé. His legacy will continue to live on.SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ►► #BETRTTS #Rulestothisshit #HipHopDownload the BET NOW app for full episodes of your favorite BET shows and exclusive content!Connect with BET Web:

Anwar you look perfect and so hannah

Steven Musielski

5:50 What does the guys' hat say?

Logan Harner

any1 want to play horse?


This shit was sadder than when naruto asked sasuke to come back to the village.

Sumana upadhyaya

You TY look like Santa.

Jae Ann btw

I watched a 10 minute ad for you guys

4. My brother has work

Samraj BALI

my highest score was 176

Саша Паша

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Lexa Jackson

Nice threading the needle


This describes me way too closely than I’m comfortable with.... 😭

Wonchewonana Rizal

the voice just gets the hair of my neck stand.



The Tardis

when the receipt said amy pond i kinda wanted to cry cause i miss her and shes my fav character 😫😦😢😭

Lauretta Ntiakulu

A- isn't a bad grade


Spaceballs is not an Alien/s parody, it's a StarWars parody.

Mike Sikes

Steph Looking Bad!!!!!

Sola Music

3:50 what is wrong with you, guru ?


I bet these kids were super happy when they found out that Dude Perfect was gonna go to camp with them

Wahoo Memes

This was very well done 👍🏽

Murillo Ferreira

the creepiest to me is the golden chicken from gears :v

Dev Guy

Step Curry was too nice with how the fans reacted to KD injury tonight.


I really love this video :D The beginning is very funny an the end its scary

Harun Yusuf

i love basket ball but when it comes to dude perfect that shit is edit


The quality. Ughhhhhhhh, I came.

Idenfranz Salas

Who is panda????

Geo 12

Please dude perfect go to Greece

Student Freeman Morgan

Finally a good sequel, wreck it Ralph 2 is a cash grab

I'm kind of psycho, keep it real with you, uh


Society these days need to make drugs, cocaine, and cigars/cigarettes illegal.

fabel strikers

Cody looks the most like his dad

Giovanni Campuzano



Ur one of the best youtubers in the so I'm going to say good luck getting to the very top

WOW! OK, first things firs, K-Dramas always sound alive, because they are amazing!!

fedor sakalosh

Candy trick shots next

SoaringObject9 Gaming

Anyone else see dj khaled on the senator name tags

Jody Skadsem

Does this mean Cory is panda?!

Racyn Rupert


Nicholas Reichard

You do those little back-flips at the end like they're nothing lol..


What are periods.