What I Did (Clean) - Yella Beezy X Kevin Gates

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Gacha Silver Deer33

Omg... So sad :

muhd laikor

why is it all tyler?

Amber Shane

Sorry mogal but sum bois are trash 🚮

Austin Guerette

Do another one of these


lol Wats up


Why was coby not on the column

Shoto Todoroki

Walmart trick shots

Jovanny Ramirez

Plz do fallout new vages

derek thompson

cool you can be a kamakazie on sex dolls.


The teaser trailer honestly gave more information than this

Spange Bobb

Wait! Did you say you had depression because they limited your gaming time, wtf

TVD Forever!

This movie looks beautiful but I bet first one will still be better.


so far decry easter egg relating to Indiana Jones has him dead :c


Aside from those plastic single packs, American cheese doesn’t.. exist in Australia. What would be a suitable replacement? mozzerella?

Tiara Tanes

who is excited??WHO ISS EXCITEEDD!?!?!?!!??!??!?!!😤😤😤

DeniseGaMiNgIndonesia Mikayla


Jeffrey Macesin

Roadhouse > Outback


finally there's a filipino like me


It freak me the fuck out


I'm the auto draft person.

It’s a secret cap *

Nice try vegans.


Guillermo just signed Lowry for 75,000$


Always ruining their own videos with gayass music.


Pense que era el unico hispano que veia esto

austin freese

check out my trick shot videos

Owen merry

ESpelyamice haha that’s funny

Fec Lead

I think Perfect Dude the real content creator, one-click subscribe for you guys.


Always happy to see a new guru video, they are always great!

John Tucker

Shopping stereotype or maybe a lego trick shots


call me soggy burger

Yea definitely true a fucking 12 year old was put in a mental hospital twice how about stop making fake story's to get views and comments of support

Annie Cat

My favorite part was the end❤️


it sucks that the game costs money

Print EBDubs

Do a airport stereotype!🛩💺✈️🛫🛬

B Player

i love call of doddy but what has it become

Mario Mone

I stood up to a bully then he punched me then 10 of my friends surrounded him and 15 others beat the shit out of him

Super Not Cool


7.6k people are jealous

Me Again: I have to stop to the ATM I don't think the Demo will let me go that far.

Lindsay T

Bed time is the most important time to there for your kids so they have sweet dreams and good memories with you. This is a waste of comment though because she's not doing the 90% of the parenting anyway so it doesn't really matter.