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Get exclusive videos from us for just $1/month - INTERVIEW: Couric plays hardball with Manti Te'o, trying to uncover the truth behind his fake girlfriend & why he'd ever avoid letting the world hear his amazingly smoooooth Samoan baritone.Our 2nd Channel: yourself! iPhones and Androids:iPhones: Androids: Roker poops his pants: our t-shirts on your body: to our music in your shower:

George B.

great fight! for all you lonely fighters out there

Amelia Malek


Allen Morilla

The panda ambush is my fave and who is the one inside the panda suit


Can you plz say, NUMBER 15, Burger King foot lettuce

Yasje 030

2:12 Im sorry but the way you say picture was annoying😂😂😂

Luna Tea

that one surgery?

Not even a fan but this is BOP hoping for the best!

Kristin Lizz

You can tell from the air by the ballz and how quickly they fly through the air that Ricardo's was fake.


3:13 hmm, what are you doing there, Tyler? 😂😂

Retro Is good

Wow it great seeing this game on #1 on trending


Go north where she met jon snow.


Congrats on trending mat pat!!


Was your intro a cinemasins reference?

Next video: Purritos

crazy bear


Endless Champion3

Where’s pandas dad??🐼🐼🐼

Victor Perez

What about girls edition

Slimey Art

Also happy birthday 🎉🎈🎂

kory Mettl

Why is he doing the superman?That is cam newton's.He does the dollar sign

asha goyal

They use camera visualisation

ThunderHawk 18

First of all the home alone one in the begging is fake as hell


Austin is the only one who's right for the Gucci Gang part,


The clumsy waiter and rage monster is weird acting. I don't know. This is a great video!

Not saying it No one will know

Is this real?

Mrlike W

r2 d2 is invading movies


The bf4 tho ...

gamer yael

Rip eyebrows


Bailey Wayman

My boy Tyler in the Conner he eating a freaking pickle

Alberto Rodriguez

Like 9/11 :^)

Out Of This World

Wow Paul is good at lacrosse

Hina Rizvi

You should contact salt and tell salts relationships


Can we get Wendy Williams and Jennifer Lopez next?!! I would love to see how far they go