J.Cole ft Drake - In The Morning - YouTube

JCole ft Drake - In The Morning(Off Friday Night Lights Mixtape)

r285o roblox

Yo bijuu mike dont know if i spelled that right but thats sad sad sad sad

Best way to find dank memes and get dic pic’s.

Garrick Vachs

Damn. I’m currently healing from a right ankle avulsion fracture and I’m sure KD’s injury is 1000x worse. Thank god he’s in good hands in terms of healthcare. I might not like him as a person, but as a player I wish him a speedy recovery. Let’s all hope it’s not as bad as it seems, and that surgery is optional..

BeaEllen vlogz

The boy across my table called me obese 😞

XxprimestunxX XxprimekillerxX

2:16 when a ball learns the power of ultra instinct play some ultra instinct song and play the exact time

It's me Maria

0:58 I really want to see if this song is better than "let it go"

Dat Dude

I swear only monsters dislike guru`s videos. Such an amazing experience! Thank you very much man


i always compare myself to other artists...


Life is over rated, Gaming is where it's at:-)

I have suicidal thoughts

Ishu Kashyap

1:30 Kingsman fans hit like!!

Aryan Nahata

you should try next in burj khalifa. but whatever you guys are awesome.

Johana Peña

the slingshot

ARMY Gacha Studio

Gurl.My friend,12 years old

Angel Lang

Y didn't u call the cops

David Medwed

Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer Max :)


I feel like R* has recycled some assets from both MC:LA and its South Central expansion (cars, bikes and environments). Vehicles in GTA 5 resemble their RL counterpart more closely than any other GTA game as a result.

jeena djo

He was good with his words.... you mean manipulative..


do axel rose next

Greg Jay


Chris Warren

@brazee07 agree im a raider fan right now palmer does too


Keşke doğmasaydın amk çocu

Ásta Dís Ingimarsdóttir

StOp LiKeNg My CoMeNt ItS bLoWiNg Up My PhOnE

nice !



Here is the answer. NO

death soccer

panda is very good


Panda face reveal


I'm dumb

Araceli Rosales

Fill up ur lungs..hold it it for 3 sec..release softly push it all out...start thinking positive..oasis..beach waves..river sounds..ur grandkids giggling..idk..your happy place.practice..practice..practice..even if its 30 xs a day..or 100...

Petros Kyragiannis

man , wtf its going wronf with games .___.

Cristina Rodriguez

I mostly avoidant but also a little anxious.

(Rolling on floor laughing out loud)

Zara Massey



I don't see anything wrong with this,he actually help him out.

Rainbow Eevee

Do all videos have the same voice or different?


do the developer weapons break? Schizophrenia

Sub to me for no reason At all

You came for the fail catch at 5:56


Doesn't look like much of a graphical improvement to be honest, Squall even looks worse IMO. Still, I can't not buy it, FF8 is my favorite game... I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

idk anymore

This is so good cant wait to go to the grand rapids concert


The part when batman is like at his parents death ground...THATS SOME FUCKED UP SHIT

Paramjitsinh parmar

Give me your phone number please

Gavin Gump

Lol my bday is 24 I yelled 24 I about died 2018 ftw

Zoe Sheveleva

Oh god what is the office scene 😂

Hector Gonzalez

Opie of the Sons of Anarchy series is referenced on one of the computers as well that one was sweet to find


So what's the story behind this game, it looks interesting


watch "the 309 experience trick shots 2"

Tm0ney 14

I love my boys

Keyanté Conley

I feel really bad cause I like my best friend ex and me and her are really good friends

(No offenses to y'all good bois named Jake.)

koko84 what ????



Ok I have to tell you'll I mean you guru the 1 Easter egg/farcry 4 do you get a lot of money

A Weeb

What if the cannon shot the bottle

Alien Smasher

il get mine in 1 hour i derping all over the floor:)