Without Me - Halsey (Lyrics)

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Joseph Tafur

0:47 is this a Kingdom Hearts Reference.


#6 was really fucking dark, I mean wow, I usually like dark humor on taboo subjects but something about that just really weirded me out

.Leaves Wife

Mindy Vincent


That will come in handy


Kermit and I share birthday 🎉

Heather McFadden

I love the rage monster

The Dominican Barber Shop


Fortnite for Days

Big fan😎

IAm DaBest

I don't care if they didn't believe me, I'd beat the s**t out of those little twats.


oh my god its a furry!

Kary Plank

Little do you know Starbucks doesn’t let its employees take money from customers. They have to put it directly into the tip jar and the jar is divided between every single employee :(

Swag dog 108

Your running out of ideas get more creative please :)


Who else cried? I know I’m not the only one!

Lama Alharbi

I knew it was J.K. Rowling from the start!

Gabe Guzman

👍👍👍👍did the right thing

Me: Anyway have a good day!

Madelyn Vids

5:15 Garret on his phone.

My grandma was something special, mostly because she was blind but not blind with her heart. She had the capacity to love everyone she met and be as hospitable as possible that and she could play bridge even with no sight! She was amazing and I will always remember her as the badass grandma I loved.


Its going to game 7.

Francine Croteau

Who is watching in 2019

Astrid Vikre

The eyebrow moves tho


The song is called pop out again by polo g. Your welcome 🙏🏽


Real Madrid will win I think


That guy is a ban wagon and he is still really good but every body hates Kevin Durant so stick some KFC down your th throatKevin Durant

Sean Atiegar

Dylan is a great kid and he got a bright future

Death Mom:Oh shit! What the he'll is going on?!

Jasmine Boyd

Omg 2009

Gaster Blaster

i feel like they gives more point to themselves




Every morning be like 2:01

Shakibur Rahman

We know your name joseph!


Was the pitch shifted down so Nintendo wouldn't be cunts?


I’m a psychopath.

Cat Gamer

Lol cody is soo happy and he doesnt know that he has jump off the boat

Ankush Sarkar

Please make a android version of this game

1 like=for saving the girl

Natalie Claribel Antonio

WTH ,When she said "A story now worth 25 billion dollars . I was like , Wow thats alot of money ! Harry potter ? and i scrolled through the comments and i saw harry potter ! what is this sorcery?????

mateusz kasprzak

This gamę is sadly another baseball saber gamę with flashy graphic for teens

Cash Ledford

I know ty's step nephew

Samuel Listiak

I'm watching in November 2016

Ilul Imam

i do love how you wrap these videos.. keep it up

As a disabled person, we don’t call ourselves invalids. I honestly hate it as a descriptor.

johnny Macon

Won't work you simply can't hold back or alter mother nature fools !!!