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Kris Clay

True OCD. A near debilitating disorder that at times is crippling for those who are genuinly afflicted. People's casual use of the term trivializes it and makes it all the harder for them to cope.

Juan Sebastian Torres Quimbayo

55,555,055 views...LOL

Danie Barnard

Honestly best song i ever listend. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Leroy Pohatu

You're taking this way too far with your mechanical problems.

Denise Spencer


Meet The Smythes

Awesome !

Joseph Sharp

Those trick shots must have been hard to do.

Hannah Helton

wonder who's ranch that is

gamer dude

wait did they just mention dr.octopus a.k.a acto octavius



My mother, you could say was a very stubborn 40yo lady.

Vic Mensa 2

Dp I have a question please come to somana ridge and go to 814 to visit me

Inan BTS

where are her parents tho?


THE BEST ONE WAS THE GILLIGANS ISLAND sry for caps didn't notice it till done plz just excuse it


3:52 why is the water white on the person on the right

Original Garcia / O.G. Family


Maxwell Lynch

No New Yorker’s heart skipped a beat. Ny’ers are tough. They’re not a bunch of pussies that need counseling. Guaranteed there were bystanders going by just like a regular day. Keep your sympathy to yourselves. The only time ny’ ers would be shocked T a standstill is when we’re not being taxed,charged or cited for anything.

Kristel Andaya

This reminds me of hamilton's Aaron Burr and Theodosia Burr hehehe

Brody Ross

😞 this is Odelle Beckham Junior👕 he zero years old👖 every like is one years🧦👟

itsa me

I knew it was checkers.

😂 Violets are violet.

joseph llanas

9:11 againg ????🤔🤔

ZaKa KinG

Sow Faaaaaaaake Ricardo is Faaaaaaaaaaaake

Hyness high

OCD: you have a messy room clean it or else

emma taylor

Tie shud got in first

Eduardo Fux Hagsater

I thought it was connect 4

Aidan O'Connor

2:54 egg on the ground

JLM Cool


XxX Jake 999 XxX

My big brother, who is mentally challenged, has BPD, Anxienty, OCD, Maybe Depression, I think a few more

Steve C

Did Superman fly in and save Louis Lane?

Other families:call 911