Young Dolph - Slave Owner (Audio)

From the EP - Niggas Get Shot Everyday.Stream: video by Young Dolph performing Slave Owner (Audio). 2018 Paper Route Empire

MoonwalkerForever 2.0

Really keep repeating Breezy's verse. His vocals sound so smooth and give me throwback vibes tho

Later:I had depression Fukkk*remember I have homework

W A113

Jwowow, a bored guy.

So Abstergio was there before Jason and the others?

Lil Max


Princess Brianna

1:16Before Kristoff snatched Anna away from what I'm presuming to be danger, she was about to run towards Elsa who was on her knees.I'm scared. But intrigued.

cc gaming


Funko Popping

You're not healthy if you have depression you idiot omg 😤😤😤😤

Meat Emperor

It's le-soo-two

Brandon Biggerstaff

You watch angry joe too?? :D


Funwithguru is the only youtuber I have felt obliged to comment and tell him how good his videos are.

Happy Horse

I don’t have a person controlling me... if I mess up I tell myself the worst thoughts.. I say them so much it makes me want to cry I can’t tell if this is anxiety please help lol

Brood in Gotham.

Kaiden Calderon

film with carson wentz

This is the name shown at the end of the video

Madison Roberts

I think I have bpd 😔

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Mom:ThAt DaMn FoRtNuT


My mom has that believe me it's hard

Kai sg

So wheres her gf ?

cs d c c



More unemotionally mature that them

Enrique Rios

I love your edition, is so chill and relax