Young Nudy - Mister Ft. 21 Savage (slowed~reverb)

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Kendra Olson


Calla Antoinette

I have it. I only started to figure it out a year ago when I was beaten and raped.

Andrea Arteaga

I hate bullying. That girl who bullied should go to hell. She will never be successful with that attitude. Good luck with life you bully bitches!

King Fish

Why the fuck does ty do every fucking thing on the fucking channel

If u try to correct me then u don't kno wat I mean


Me encanta la producción de la melodía, del video... hasta él. a pesar de que odio que se incite al consumo y es que consigue transportarte el jodio

Dragunove HD

the bait was i know i know bait



Ryan Simmons

I'm tired and I'm grumpy but watching this video put a smile on my face and has lifted me up. Thanks Dudes.

Braelyn Whiteside

Was that guy in the glasses at the end Panda?


It's more like buying the whole menu than eating it but fun video definetly should do more of those. :D

Vasif Nuriyev


Dionicio Gaspar


Ultimate gamer YT

I don't get number 2!


I am the only one who wanna to but a bullet in the head of G-man in Half-life 3?

Ra Luna

Thai ♥

Tyron Machlary

Yesterday when i listened to this i became a fan now im an aircon

Ryan Cummins

I want to join but I'm only 10 years old

before you enter the main building go to the back of the map, there will be a smaller "house" with ammo crate in it and 2 vehicles. there will be a white board and some notes on it. one of them says "zombies are coming"

Ana Aparicio

Literally no one:


I really love BF4!!!


So dittos just mew jizz

Jean Pierre Wehry

03:00 RIP Anton Yelchin. Such a tragic death of a great actor.

Nya Nya

U need to tell someone u trust




You call the players there last name

Pam Roden

tyler you win ale the time

Thomas E.

Does anyone know what the song (actually "piece") in the toystory scene is called?


Jason does respawn if you return, and you CAN obtain more than 1 chainsaw. Oh, and the best weapon to kill Jason...the chainsaw.

Zessi Zybala

lebron james

Pickle IOI

Ty is an OG

Olivia Hsin

I don’t get it

Mint Bagel

6:56 I’m sorry

Mr. Smith

Bring in the dutch.


If Anthony ever returns it has to start on the couch with him going "can you imagine how stupid it would be if Anthony actually came back to smosh"

George Kritikos

We want more airsoft videos

MagicianBros inc

the net swishes before the ball goes in dp

- FBE Team

I cant help my stress,


I once caught a tree and a car 😂😂