Young Thug - The London (ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott) [Official Audio - DISSECTED/FIRST LISTEN

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UM GUNNA WHAT THE FUCK?????? MY NIGGA JUST SAID "WE PULL UP IN FERRARI'S when I hop on the plane." common sense : u cant get in a Ferrari while entering a plane. the door would be too small, depending on the plane door size. BTW, his voice is so mumble I can rarely kno what he saying. u peplez can correct but it did sound like this

Cama Craze

I will always be team Coby

Marvelous Ogunyeye

Is water wet?

Adam Fox

Statue Of Liberty!!! From The Torch!!!


talk about selective edition.

It Family

Oh yea the us army engineer class takes the appearance of COD MW 3 grinch

2: The microphone quality

SOULcial Life

Rudy Mancuso WOW 😲

Ghost Camden

I was scared it was going to be another 9/11 situation

Russel Jones

X.C. B vehicle x.

Jordan Coffey

This made my morning. You inspire me.💗💗💗💗

Aiden Huddleston

Snow boarding not skiing

tom riddle

better than porn

Gan Yuk pei


Listen, I know you think people who don’t support you are evil or whatever, but they aren’t always your enemies, you realize that right? They just don’t give a shit, not even a smear of a shit, about your sexual lifestyle. Most of those who don’t agree with you will tolerate you. They won’t agree with you, but they won’t bother you either, and that should be enough for you. If not, if you’re so self-centered that everyone has to accept you, that means you have an insecurity. Or in other words, that sounds like a ‘you’ problem. Stop being so pathetic and get over yourselves.

Adrian Sigala

What a great idea, publish the video right before the nintendo direct

Nicole Furmanek

This was on my birthday!!!!!!!

Cole Simonds


Jeff Bezos: Hold my money💰

mitchell rigo

You should do this its not actually that bad

Zack Rop

tyler amazing hockey shots

saber fxxk


aaa aaa

melt metal and drink it.

Kris K

Those poor fish😭😭🐟

Carter Rotcavich

Favorite was hole in one


what name was that film at the end ?

Laren Verunica

just flowers....

Clifton Joseph

Spongebob was having a good view at the bikini bottom

Logan Byrne

FBI your being arrested for rice trafficking