Yung Gravy - Mr. Clean (prod. white shinobi)

Video for "Mr. Clean" by Yung Gravy and produced by white shinobi from the EP 'Mr. Clean'Get Gravy merch: to Yung Gravy: Yung Gravy:Instagram: LYRICS:Gravy Gravy make it splash like PippenShit thats nothingErrybody call me Big PimpinNo I aint bluffinI’m wit yo mom in the kitchen Making blueberry muffins Must be Thanksgiving Cause yo bitch want the stuffing Mr. CleanGravy why your flow so mean?Mr. CleanPull up with my whole damn teamMr. Clean x4Gravy he be clean like WindexJust hit ya mom with my indexAnd yo bitch look like a pinheadAll my haters they be skinheadsPissed off cause they wife is they sisterAnd Yung Gravy just kissed herHot Damn Pull up on the sceneCause a wet dream, I might need a submarineIf you got the beef i turn your ass to smithereens Yo bitch looking scary, I thought it was halloween Gravy he be clean like some fucking Listerine But I smooth it out like a jar of vaselineShit,Posted wit a milf and her name is Charlene Everybody wonder how she got the hygiene It’s all thanks to Mr. CleanMr. CleanGravy why your flow so mean?Mr. CleanPull up with my whole damn teamMr. Clean x4Gravy he be clean like ColgateWhite MILF Charlene thats my soul mateYou ain’t got a bitch? I might donate Slide in the DM’s with the snowflake Talking bout yo girl my favorite topic You can’t even see me you would think I’m microscopicGravy ballin out like the fuckin Flint TropicsTurn these bitches on cause I’m really good at Bop-ItClean in, clean out, Pullin up drop top ViperHad to steal yo bitch,Finessed it like I’m swiperSo much bread, gotta get my fiberGravy he be cleaner than your windshield wipers Your step mom made me a pieYou can call me the pied piper I don’t eat the booty I aint even gotta saybut I eat my girl ass if she had a bad dayGravy don’t playBitch I’m at the bakery them donuts getting glazedStay with 3 hoes like its the holidaysStuck to the bread you would think I’m mayonnaiseGOT DAMNShit I’m so god damn clean got me feeling like Billy MaysMr. CleanGravy why your flow so mean?Mr. CleanPull up with my whole damn teamMr. Clean x4

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The editing is so good in this!

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I'm so happy there is finally a video about this

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Can you say the song at 7:58 in the backround

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