Money Man “Aura” (6 Hours 2) - YouTube

Sharath H.B

2:29 best dance I've seen

knees weak arms are heavy ok bye ill leave.


There’s also gay/lesbians etc who don’t support the LGBTQ+ community.

Tie Cooper


xOGx RockStaRs

Looks better than i remember is this perhaps played on Xbox One X ?

brawl stars gaming


Mysterious Swordsman

We censoring the word bullying now? We are raising pansy's for the next generation.

Actually HApen- wait, never mind

Frankie VG

2:40 Thats Brodie Smith right?

Rainbow Sisters

Who's cutting onions here😭😭😭😭😭😭Im crying

Maxx Novak

Everyone's question:¿ Anyone watching this in 2019?My question: Anyone gay?


5:59 how is she holding her bag when it has no straps? lol

Alex Kelly

lol the beginning reminds me of Jackass.... Welcome to Aggie Land.... this is the long basketball shot.... hahahaha! Sick though!

Anti King

Where is that

Creepy Kid

guru the sneaky bugger searching for easter eggs instead of helping his team :P :3

kleinkid 5

great golden scepter.


I love parks and recreation!

VFlower chan vocaloid

My brother have Down's syndrome I love him so much

Dadda Dia

I want to leave school because it's scary learning... MAA-haa-aa-ths (maths.)

Moseray 223



What do you mean by "unused"?


Spoiler alert: captain america(obviously)comes to his tombstone,retrieves thors hammer and rallys the avengers after they seperate.weither its middle,beginning or end im not sure but im willing to bet the final battle at the end.

Beth Stapler

Annie’s the goat

Laura Rea

I wen’t red team to win

Then i meet my family and everyone i mised

Harvester Commander

The darkness in this trailer is amazing. I really love the dark turn they’re taking.

JM Valencia

Hey I like bottle flip

Domonique Sharperson

I can't believe I have this I be so scared living in this apartment by myself I be thinking someone going to kill me.

Jean enock


Rusty Shackleford

How could you say it isnt good enough when youre just jealous your fat ass couldnt even throw it that far.

batman Arkham fan 345


Samanta Ancane

Poor panda

Mateo Rosil

TAKE IT DOWN TAKE IT DOWN take it down you clown

Alpha 9

Its a drive by


The helicopter was not worthy.


T.Swift lol

It matter about his inside because this man is respectful

Paul Zello

statue of liberty

Ninja da Noite

Yeah i have this problem too.


that IS productive!

Bumpin' Uglies

Go to Florida

The Beatz God

if you want beats like this daily hit me im your guy




Alfie's Music

Who is watching this in 2019?

Yoboisav Nms

Ay Ecuadorian 🇪🇨 gang 4:41


Who is the genius that decided a lightsaber could also be a torch? Seriously, that pissed me off.

Scene Kid

Guru, i did the first one, and extinction mode aliens,

doug rosenberg

herf noopLOL

Mac Winter

I always mix up Cody Cory coby

Arielle Jaramillo

Not to be rude or anything but that grandfather looked liked Albert Einstein!

Isaac Calvillo

Was that legit real money


im tryna make myself so fat I die now fr I just wanna die